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Hello everyone,
I remember a flashcart being developed for the virtual boy.
Now I’m seeing the Hyperflash 32. While it looks amazing,
I remember the developer saying this is just a temporary product until the “actual” flashcart would be available.
Can you please tell me what going on with all of this? thanks

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HyperFlash32 is a product on its own. I’m the developer.

You’re likely referring to MultiBoy32, which is my plan for a true multicart. Still on the list for 2021 but HF32 is real now and shipping.

Does this means, Multiboy 32 will be more like regular flashcarts to have a menu to chose games from on screen?

That’s the idea. It’s just a lot more development work on multiple fronts so I keep pushing it back to work on other things. But feels like 2021 is the year.

I actually have a designed PCB but I never built it. But given HF32 work, I want to go back to the drawing board and change some things.


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