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Hi, I just got the only (?) Virtual Boy competitor in the mail today: A Tiger R-Zone. It’s a thing that you strap to your head and play games that reflect onto a screen that you see with your right eye. Anyone else have one of these? Maybe some games that I would like to own? More info in Wikipedia:

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Even though there are several games on R-Zone, only 4 types exist and all games are built on these three types…

Side-scrolling Fighter
FPS (First Person Shooter)
Multidirectional Combatant Fighter

And all of the games in those categories are slightly modified sprites but the same gameplay mechanics with the multidirectional combatant fighter games being of the worst quality. The FPS’s are the best the system has the offer.

The side-scrolling fighter games are somewhat fun but still boring after a bit, the FPS is what you would want to play if you wanted to torture yourself with this console.
Racing games are also okay but very repetitive.

If you own 1 of each categories you basically own all the games, because as I said they are merely sprite hacks of each other.

Every single game released on R-zone.

71-237 (1996) Apollo 13
71-248 (1996) Area 51
71-254 (199?) Batman & Robin
71-231 (1996) Batman Forever
71-241 (1996) Battle Arena Toshinden
71-236 (1995) Daytona Racing
71-318 (199?) Independence Day
71-??? (1996) Indy 500
71-??? (199?) Judge Dredd
71-315 (199?) Lost World, The
71-249 (199?) Men in Black
71-232 (1996) Mortal Kombat 3
71-322 (199?) Mortal Kombat Trilogy
71-??? (199?) Nascar Racing
71-238 (1995) Panzer Dragoon
71-239 (1996) Primal Rage
71-242 (1996) Road Rash 3
71-247 (1996) Star Trek
71-321 (199?) Star Wars:Imperial Assault
71-317 (199?) Star Wars:Jedi Adventure
71-316 (1997) Star Wars:Millennium Falcon Challenge
71-319 (199?) Star Wars:Rebel Forces
71-244 (1996) Virtua Cop
71-??? (1995) Virtua Fighter
71-311 (1996) Virtua Fighter 2
71-??? (1995) VR Troopers
71-??? (199?) Waterworld

List taken from http://museo8bits.com/ficha.php?nombre=rzone

Not quite every game… there was also NiGHTS into Dreams (yes, based on the Sega Saturn title).

Someone should make a homebrew game for the R-Zone. Maybe a shooter and call it “Call of Duty.” I just ordered a copy of Daytona USA off eBay. So now I’ll have two games. Anyone know of any site besides eBay where I can get games for this thing?

This is a complete list from Digital Press. I’m excluding games marked as “Rumor Mill”

Apollo 11 – 71-237 – 1996
Area 51 – 71-248 – 1996
Batman & Robin – 71-254 – 1997
Batman Forever – 71-212/231 – 1996
Battle Arena Toshinden – 71-241 – 1996
Daytona USA – 71-236 – 1995
Independence Day – 71-318 – 1997
Indy 500 – 71-312 – 1996
Jurassic Park: The Lost World – 71-315 – 1997
MIB: Men In Black – 71-249 – 1997
MK3 – 71-232 – 1996
Mortal Kombat Trilogy – 71-322 – 1996
NiGHTS Into Dreams – 71-??? – 1997
Panzer Dragoon – 71-238 – 1995
Primal Rage – 71-239 – 1996
Road Rash 3 – 71-242 – 1996
Star Trek – 71-247 – 1996
Star Wars: Imperial Assault – 71-321 – 1997
Star Wars: Jedi Adventure – 71-317 – 1997
Star Wars: Millenium Falcon Challenge – 71-316 – 1997
Star Wars: Rebel Forces – 71-319 – 1997
Virtua Cop – 71-244 – 1996
Virtua Fighter – 71-??? – 1995
Virtua Fighter 2 – 71-311 – 1996
VR Troopers – 71-??? – 1995

I just bought a R-zone with Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge… Which is supposed to be the best the system had to offer.

Oh I forgot to mention I bought it NOS and only wanted it as a display piece.

Is any one selling R zone games??

eBay is. They’re expensive though.

It’s not entirely fair to say all games fit into certain fixed buckets, but most do. I disagree that the fighting games are the same – maybe some have similar programming but they are very different in execution except for the Virtua Fighters.

Here is a nearly complete list of what genre each game is in:

Apollo 13 – arcade? sim? very unique. You literally carry out each stage of the doomed mission from manuevering the command module to docking with the LM to splashing down.
Area 51 – lightgun shooter, starts out fast
Batman & Robin – side scrolling “platformer” with vehicle stages
Batman Forever – side scrolling “platformer”
Battle Arena Toshinden – fighting game with weapons
Daytona Racing – racing game, takes some getting used to but plays very well
Football – soccer. Never seen this in action but Tiger sports games are usually their best so I’d love to see it.
Independence Day – into-screen shooter/avoid em up with Game and Watch-like on foot segments – same exact game as Star Trek: The Next Generation lcd handheld with different lcd art
Indy 500 – racing game, different feel to Daytona but still very good
Judge Dredd – don’t know, have not played it
The Lost World – into screen avoid em up, similar to driving sections of the gamecom game but more playable
The Mask of Zorro – side scrolling beat em up. I think. I will let you know for sure soon!
Men in Black – into screen run and gun shooter, similar to Congo VRT-X handheld but without the interesting mission objectives
Mortal Kombat 3 – fighting game with three depth settings. Plays very well.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy – fighting game. Depth concept is gone and it plays badly. Worst fighter on the system.
NiGHTS into Dreams – literally it’s NiGHTs into Dreams as a handheld. Not fun and completely mystifying – not that I’ve ever understood the original – but really impressive.
Panzer Dragoon – POV scrolling shooter with 360° perspective and avoidance aspects. The best the system has to offer.
Primal Rage – fighting game, complete with followers you can eat for health and heart and brain bars
Road Rash 3 – racing sim complete with combat and full bike upgrades (!!!)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault – turret shooter, basically plays like a lightgun game.
Star Wars: Jedi Adventure – side scrolling run and gun. Ugly but fun. You can summon Chewie, Han, and Leia as assists.
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Challenge. Into screen scrolling shooter; the fastest and most impressive looking game on the system. Also cheap and plentiful. Buy this first.
Star Wars: Rebel Forces – lightgun game, starts medium slow and maybe the most fun lightgun game
Virtua Cop – lightgun game, starts agonizingly slow and gets stupid fast. Frustrating for me.
Virtua Fighter – fighting game, very high quality with voice samples and ring out
Virtua Fighter 2 – fighting game, similar to VF but better
VR Troopers – side scrolling beat em up with vehicle segments

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