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A few months ago I noticed that the latest (last?) versions of Reality Boy and Red Dragon are not available for DOS. I compiled them myself, so, if anyone cares, here they are.

The makefiles were outdated, so I had to modify them to get them to compile (with a lot of warnings, but that’s not my problem). They seem to work fine, but Red Dragon has one problem: if you press Esc to pause emulation, it freezes. I thought the problem is on line 1253 of vb_dsp.c (an infinite loop, even though Allegro does declare the key array as volatile), but commenting it out didn’t help. So, to exit Red Dragon, you can press Ctrl+Break to force it to quit.

And yes, I am posting this from DOS. 🙂

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As a fellow DOS enthusiast, I appreciate this! I don’t know that I’ll ever play VB games on my DOS machine, but knowing that I *can* makes me happy. 🙂

What browser are you using to post?

I think I used Dillo. I use Links, Arachne, or Dillo, depending on the purpose. Links is great all-around (with text and graphics modes), Arachne supports animated GIFs and the mouse wheel, and Dillo has tabs and the best CSS support. No DOS browser supports JavaScript, but PVB doesn’t really require it.

BTW, Mednafen is also being ported to DOS, but I don’t know when it will be available (I’m not involved in its development).

I got Reality Boy to compile with Open Watcom. The zip file includes the executable and source code. It should be functionally equivalent to the DJGPP version.

If you want to compile it yourself, get the official source code and apply my changes. You can get compilation instructions for Allegro on my site.

If you only want to use it, you only need the EXE files.

Tip: use -sclscr 1 to disable screen scaling. This will improve speed.


Awesome! It always worries me that it’s a challenge to compile things for older OS’, so this is a great piece of info to have. Thanks!


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