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Hey Virtual Boy fans!
After a long half year we are finally back with a new server. After NBCi stopped their webhosting-services, we were proverbially sitting on the street and on long finished updates as well. It was a long time but now, thanks to Madmax and Freeze of Vidgames we finally got new and enough space. But as long as we were absend as big is today’s updat. I’ve completely redone the Planet over the past weeks and added a lot of things. Here are the most important updates of the following sections:

A total of 15 new article scans. We have 8 from the german Mega Fun (1/95, 3/95, 5/95, 7/95, 8/95, 9/95, 10/95, 11/95), 2 from N64 magazine (12/97, 4/99), 2 from EGM (3/95, ??/95) and 3 more from Fun Vision, the australian Nintendo Magazine (thanks to VirtualPal!) and the dutch Club Nintendo. Plus you can now see all release lists and Top 5 of Nintendo Power.
The section became really big so i added quicklinks on top of the page for you to find the arcticles quicker. πŸ™‚

In this new section all the tradeshows the Virtual Boy was shown at will be covered. The first 3 covered shows are E3 ’95, E3 ’96 and Autumn ECTS ’95. Note that the E3 articles are not translated yet. There will most probably be still a lot of stuff to add to these coverages in the future… *hint* Videos *hint*

The manualscans can also be downloaded as PDF files now.

New sections: Videos, Icons and Wallpapers!

I added infos about the japanese demos and some new infos about the unreleased games and the games section is finally translated.

New screenshots of VB Mario Land, beta screens of Mario Clash, Teleroboxer and Vertical Force.

2 new advertisements for the Virtual Boy and V-Tetris.

The picarchive was deleted and its former content was put into the Games and Hardware sections.

I already wish everybody merry christmas and a happy new year, because i will be in Austria for snowboadrding in 2 days. πŸ™‚ But Aetzn will have 2 free weeks soon and he will do some updates then i guess.

Peace and red rox πŸ™‚

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