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Thanks to a complete-article-trade-deal with Ferry and Omeba at http://www.virtual-boy.net, I can present you another big update in the article scan section with 10 new articles from the UK Total! magazine: ?/94, 1/95, 2/95, 3/95, 7/95, 8/95, 10/95, 5/96, 8/96, ?/??. More articles from v-b.net and the complete set of still missing Nintendo Power scans from DogP will follow.

I created a new section called Advertising, which deals with nintendo advertising in print media and in TV, as well as merchandise.

Logos of Zero Racers, Dragon Hopper and Virtual League Baseball plus beta logos of Golf, Panic Bomber and the Virtual Boy and the Virtual Reality concept can be found in the Picarchive (most in the german Games Picarchive).

26 new screenshots of unreleased games have been added to the screenshots section: 1 of Virtual Bomberman, 12 of Zero Racers and 13 of Dragon Hopper!

I also redesigned the About Us section and added a print button to the navigation bar on the top. But my printer broke and I can’t say if it’s really working properly, so please let me or the guestbook know. 🙂

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