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Hey Everyone,

attached to this post you will find a command line tool I wrote for developers. It connects to the HF32 through the USB port and allows you to send files and flash them directly. The application needs firmware 1.6 (which I will release later today). This tool bypasses many features of the HF32 and leaves it in a dirty state. It is only intended to be used by developers who are looking for a comfortable way to update the rom flashed to the HF32.

Here are some example commands to get you started (Check the help for details):
Display help: hfcli -h
Execute a single command (in this case <PM>): hfcli -p COM1 -c PM
Start terminal mode. Try sending <PM> after successful connection: hfcli -p COM1 -t
Format SD card: hfcli -p COM1 -f
Formatting the SD card this way drastically increases communication speed
Alternatively you can send <FSD> in terminal mode.
Send a file: hfcli -p COM1 -s space.vb -n invaders -m 2 -u

The HF32 is communication on a rather high baudrate which might lead to faulty communication. I did put allot of checks into place but there is still a chance of it happening. Also, there seems to be a problem Mac where only slower communication is possible. Therefore, I added an option to put the HF32 into “slow mode” (again, this will only work with firmware 1.6 or newer).

To activate slow mode put a file called “slow.txt” into the root of your SD card. When using the cli add the option –slow to your command. For example:
hfcli -p COM1 -s space.vb -n invaders -m 2 -u –slow

This thing took forever to write so I hope someone besides me is going to use it. Attached is Windows, Mac and Linux version.


If you are looking to support me you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/thunderstruckProjects

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Haha, incredibly good timing! On my way home, only 10 minutes ago, I was just thinking about asking you about this, not kidding. I will test and integrate this into VUEngine Studio once the new firmware is out. Thank you so much for your hard work on everything HF32!


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