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In some games u can review the game under review, but why can`t you review some games and demos?

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Demo’s are really just used to try to learn how to code something specific or to show someone something. I don’t think those should really be reviewed, I mean..if your trying to show some words going across the screen..and you do…what do you review ? just say good job and be done with it

I don’t know of any released games that you can’t review. Which ones ? If its games that are homebrew …you have to ask yourself if the games are actually done yet. If its a game that’s not even done there’s no reason to review it. I guess you can give creative ideas to the programmer of these games, but even then I’d be careful. They are putting a lot of their own time into making these games and prob. have a vision of what they want done. Now if you find a BUG in the game..that’s a totally different thing…

I guess I’m not sure what your trying to ask.


thanks eric, that’s exactly the points why not everything can be rated/reviewed.

moved the thread to the right forum. please post anything about the website in the “pvb” forum.

Hey KR155E
I see you can post reviews of the coding competition software. I didn’t think most of these were actually completed yet. Maybe Tron is (have to ask the coder), while the midi player is more of a development tool and Rpacks bounce was more like a demo (although a pretty damn cool one)…but the other games I think are still in development. Should we be able to review them when the are not yet complete ? I know they were released in terms of the competition, but not sure if they were ment to be released as finished.

oh never mind I found out what was wrong
u just enter a game that has readers reviews but in title put in a game that does not have readers review, ah never mind

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