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I thought I heard there was a patch to virtual lab that fixed part of the problems the game has. It really didn’t matter to me before, because the rom wasn’t released. Even if I bought the game, I couldn’t use the patch without the rom. Now that the rom has been released, does anyone have this patch ? or a rom with the patch added ?


hrms or, is there no such patch …and I’m smokin crack thinking that there was one.

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AFAIK there’s no patch… the only real problems that it has is that it crashes every now and then on the real cart in real hardware, although when I burned it to my flash cart I got past level 100 without it crashing. I don’t know for sure what causes it, but the only thing I can think of is that they set the wait states to 1, but the ROM isn’t fast enough. The flash chips I use are all fast, which could be why they work fine. Or it could be that the ROMs are just crappy, but I doubt that since they seem to be the same type used in other 3rd party games.


Yea, now that I read that, I think someone told me that before.



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