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Rustual Boy, a new Virtual Boy emulator written in Rust, is currently in development by ferris.

This emulator is not quite complete, but covers quite a bit of the CPU, memory mapping, and video hardware. It also contains a basic command-line debugger supporting disassembly, mem dump, breakpoints, etc. Many ROM’s are fully compatible so far, but there’s still some fundamental things that aren’t yet implemented, such as some floating point flags/exceptions, bit string op’s, etc. There are also a few bugs lurking around πŸ™‚

Performance isn’t fantastic yet, but the emulator should be playable at least. YMMV. Naturally, I’d like to get the core emulation logic in place before focusing too much on that.

A more detailed status/compatibility section will be written when the emu is complete enough for it to be relevant.

More info and discussion in our forums!

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Hehe, didn’t expect to see this on the front page. Thanks for posting! πŸ™‚

This is great news! Is this being developed for windows? Hopefully, because we don’t really have the greatest emulators for the system on windows OS…

Reel Big Fish: Early Windows builds are available on the emu’s new blog: https://rustualboy.com/

It currently has no GUI, so you have to start it from the command line.

I just booted Bound High! on Rustual Boy and… holy crapz0r! The emulation seemed perfect, including audio! Amazing job, ferris!

Thanks for the interest, and thanks for the test and kind words, KR155E!

This emulator is primarily targeting Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The binary builds available are just some test builds to test our CI setup, and we’re waiting a bit until we’re ready to release a 1.0 with better compatibility and using libretro/retroarch as our primary frontend before we put out more. However, the emu is open-source, and you’re more than welcome to build it yourself! If you give that a shot and run into any problems, feel free to file an issue on the github repo and we’ll get it sorted. πŸ™‚


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