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Ben and Greg Stevens have teamed up to create an English translation patch for SD Gundam Dimension War. If you need to know how to apply the patch to the SD Gundam ROM, see the newly added instructions in the games section. Thanks to Ben for these!


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Cool… maybe it deserves a cartridge of its own. 😉

Is anyone really good at using Photoshop to make an English version of the official sticker on the Japanese cartridge? I might try to ask my friend Luke to make one for this game, since I think he’s pretty good at it, but if someone makes one even better, that can be used for possible reproduction cartridges of this game.

By the way, one will notice that the in-game translations are shorter than the ones that I posted in the translation thread in the forum. This had to occur because of character space limitations within the ROM, unfortunately.

Looks pretty nice, perhaps it should be a more American looking label with the usual background?

Here’s my almost clean background that I used to make a 1200dpi Bound High label. Had to save it as jpeg to be able to upload it.

I thought I had made a completely clean one but I can’t find it right now.

If the American-looking label were to be used, what all would go in the top space? I have to admit that among the North American games, I like the stickers for Jack Bros. and Waterworld the best, as the box art was attempted to be placed in the top space in each case. The ones that just have the title of the game in the top space look a little bland to me.

My friend Luke also made an image that can be used as a sticker for an SD Gundam Dimension War reproduction cart. Many thanks to him for this:



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