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I got an idea. In my final Virtual Boy video I will sum up my thoughts on the console, have awards and a Top 23 list (yes I’ll count Bound High), then I was thinking I could as a last appeal thing show some quotes from you the VB die-hards of PVB. Why do you like or love the Virtual Boy? Preferrably not in more than say 10 sentences? I want it to fit on a screen in no smaller than font size 16. You’ll be credited by name of course.

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I like the game library. It may be small but it has some very underrated games in it. The controller is really nice and fits well into your hands. Good stereo sound and crisp, clean graphics.

I love the Virtual Boy because it gives the player an immersive experience like no other system can. It is truly a one-of-a-kind system that has no parallel. Nintendo took a great risk in creating it, and sure, it wasn’t accepted by the masses, but that fact itself makes it all the more special and of value to Virtual Boy fans and collectors alike.

The system is under rated. It was never given a chance..by Nintendo or anyone else. You want to root for the underdog..and when you really know the system and play the games..this dog has teeth.

I like Virtual Boy because it truly is a great console, it has fun games, immersive 3-D, and a great controller design! I find the system to be well worth owning and its a real shame that Nintendo didn’t give it the second shot it deserved.

I believe the power lies not in what the big companies did for it but what we can do. It’s potential. even the 3d aspect has not yet scratched the surface as of now. Truely a remarkable syetem with even greater potential.

It’s immersive like no other system and it has great games, like Red Alarm, Galactic Pinball, and Insmouse No Yakata, which take advantage of the immersiveness. It’s also easy to write games for it, so it has a great homebrew community.

It yields a great and unique game-play experience, one that feels rather exclusive upon those of us that have given it a true chance to see how grand it really is. Plus the red and black colors are rather invigorating!

I love the hardware architecture. From the CPU choice and modifications, to the memory layout, to the interfaces of the custom chips, its a masterpiece.

Why do I like it? Well… because:
– It’s the only console capable of blocking the entire world around you. When you play the VB you don’t multitask.
It’s just it and you

– It’s got one of the most comfortable controllers ever.

– It has truly outstanding games (Wario Land, Teleroboxer, Vertical Force, Bound High) and a lot of very good ones (every other game but Waterworld).

– I like underdogs. Some of them deserve love. VB had a lot of potential, and a lot of prejudcious persons shoot it down without having even seen one in their lives.

There you go, four reasons to have a VB 🙂

I love 3D! I also love the history of this system.

The Virtual Boy embodies everything I enjoyed about gaming while growing up. From the graphics to the sounds, every VB experience for me has been exciting.

I also think that the Virtual Boy is the system with the most potential. There is unlimited possibilities for Homebrew, and hopefully someday we will see hundreds of completed games available for the Virtual Boy.


That’s why i love the VUE.

same all your coments I think too!
immersion is very nice
you don’t do it any more task in game
sound is very surround
have a one VB is be a one special gamer, anybody have other!

I like how immersive the 3D is. I personally only got mine in the past 3 months, but I very much enjoy every game I’ve bought for it so far. It’s truly a piece of eye candy when you’re playing. In fact, I personally like the Virtual Boy’s 3D better than the 3DS for the fact it brings you in rather than it coming to you.

I also love how unique the hardware is. It was ahead of its time. It’s just a shame that the final product isn’t truly ‘final’ since production was rushed for the N64. I wonder how the Virtual Boy would’ve been if Yokoi got to finish it.

Because he is the Tyrion Lannister of the Nintendo family.

Because it brings a smile to my face when I play games like Mario’s Tennis and the 3D surprises me.

thunderstruck wrote:
Because he is the Tyrion Lannister of the Nintendo family.

Good analogy.

…because I’m color blind.

Good joke Dor-Si 😎

very nice picture jajaja!

I like it because others dont!

It’s funny how everyone hates the thing but anyone who tries it is instantly impressed, even in this day and age!

Oh, I also love the uniqueness of the virtual boy!


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