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On ebay there is a sealed copy of US baseball ‘with factory seal across the back’ in the desciption, and he wants $185 for it.


Did VB games ever get sealed at the factory as this looks like they don’t when you look at the recent JPN auctions for boxes of 20off games. Or did US games get sealed and JPN ones not, just curious as the seal looks just like when i used to shrink wrap stuff when worked in music store back around ’95, so i’m thinking it was possibly sealed by the shop and not at the factory. Not that it really makes any differance as nobody will buy baseball for $185.

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LOL! Yeah, the US games came factory sealed, the JP games didn’t. But baseball is probably the easiest to find factory sealed. I’ve got what’s leftover from a box of 48 sealed right next to me… they’re probably not worth any more sealed than opened.


Thanks DogP, my curiosity is satisfied, well as far as sealed VB games go.

kinda gets annoying, how everyone thinks they are sitting on a gold mine on eBay.

It only helps to further inflate the prices of vb games, making it difficult for everybody to have a decent collection of games to play. I guess im just as guilty, as the collector type. I would pay quite a bit for say… sealed jack bros.. But the part of me that loves to play games is pissed that I will probably never play some titles.

I agree with you 100% and the people who try and sell mario tennis for $30 are probly the people who where lucky enough to find it at a yard sell for a quarter. I under stand trying to make some extra bucks but a lot of people have things for way to expensive especily during an economic depression.

I am a collector of sorts, I have games for over 25 systems. I never understood paying all this money for a game you’ll never play. I do have some sealed games, but only because I received them as gifts after I already had the games or I just picked them up in my travels. I do collect games, but I also play them. I know a lot of collector’s like to display sealed copies of games, but not me.
I like to have friends come over, see an old game that looks interesting, and actually be able to PLAY it, not just show them the box. Now if they have a copy to play, and then they have a sealed copy, I guess that makes sense. I would just rather buy 4 or 5 other games that I will play instead of 1 sealed that will just sit on my shelf.

I just got my Factory sealed Baseball from Amazon for about 10 bucks and I’ll never open it just to preserve it. I at least keep it in a draw not showing off arrogance of owning it. I even plan on buying a playable copy of it but first I want to buy better games.

i got a sealed copy off ebay a while ago, only because it also included an extra cartridge, so i had one to play and one to preserve lol, its my only sealed vb game. it wasnt expensive either only like 10-15$

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-.- This ‘haunic’ person has posted on like 10 different threads, hes just copied and pasted someones post and repeated it several times with a website hes trying to advertise, and from the names of some of the websites im sure some of it would contain 18+ content…

Agreed, where’s the “report” button when you need it? Oh well, KR155E will notice it anyway.

A type of spam which I have not yet seen… Anyway, posts deleted, user deleted, IP banned.

BTW, I removed the report button because it was massively abused for -you guessed it- spam. 😀

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