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As some of you might remember I made a post talking how on ebay there where two copys of Space Squash, for $15 I ordered one and another user MATTHEW ordered one I know he got his as and I finally got mine in the mail today I was very suprised it was in such good condition.

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Cool… but why is this development? 😛


nice u got ur copy now did ya thats good to hear!

im so thankful for you tellin me about the auction otherwise i wouldnt have it right now! its probably my favourite one tied with wario land lol

i recieved mine in mint condition as well – i think space squash will be worth holding on to, like all virtual boy games.

moved aka MOVED 😛

I bought Space Squash and Red Alarm in Japan about 2 weeks ago. Space Squash was 2000 yen(15 euro) and Red Alarm was 1000 yen.

Great games, especially Red Alarm.

Yeah there both fun I just wish the bosses on space squash wernt so hard.


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