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I’m selling my Virtual Boy console (used, but in excellent working condition) with two controllers, two stands and the following games:

Mario Tennis (2 copies, USA)
Galactic Pinball (USA)
Teleroboxer (USA)
V-Tetris (JPN)
Virtual League Baseball (USA)
Mario Clash (USA)
Vertical Force (JPN)
Waterworld (USA)
Jack Bros. (JPN)
Panic Bomber (USA)
Red Alarm (USA)
Wario Land (USA)
Innsmouth no Yakata (JPN)

I have the manuals for Vertical Force, Jack Bros., Virtual League Baseball, V-Tetris, Teleroboxer, Red Alarm and Innsmouth no Yakata, together with the manuals for the console itself. I also still keep the boxes for Vertical Force, Jack Bros. and Virtual League Baseball.

I’m selling it for 250 euros + shipping costs, if anyone is interested.

For reference, I’m from Spain, so shipping to other Spanish cities is 10,50 euros, and shipping to other countries inside the European Union is 26,42 euros. I’ll also ship to other continents, though I’m not sure about how much it costs to ship outside the EU.

I accept payments through Paypal.

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Would you sell me one of the stands ?


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