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For a while I’ve been meaning to put together a web site to showcase some of the projects I’m doing for the VB, and finally got one put together.

Check out platonicreactor.com if you want to see what’s been keeping me busy.

Of note, this page talks more about my raspberry pi cartridge I’m building, and this has some unreleased information about a VB port of Super Mario 64 that I’ve been building, which leverages the raspberry pi cart to do the heavy lifting.


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Just amazing!
Had a look on your site and some remarks/questions:
– the Nintendo-letter from 1997 is crazy 🙂
– as always, people are impatient and that is why I wanted to ask for a timeframe for Elevated Speed: this year? Next year? How far is your development progress?
– the overdrive cart looks too good to be true. Just incredible stuff. I myself can not imagine which skills one must have to put something like this together. Keep on the great work and count me in when this cart is released!


re: Elevated Speed’s time frame, I’m still working on it weekly. Time is limited which is why it’s taking forever, but I’m getting close to the point where maybe I can produce another beta. I’ve rewritten vast portions of the engine to enable things like combat and more special effects, but for every feature I add, I have to go find more CPU cycles to free up to keep the 50fps target, which is time consuming.

I’m guessing a fall release given my current trajectory.

Nice! Fall sounds very good! Then the days will get shorter again and it will get dark earlier, which is good for the VB (i.e. the game experience is much better).
Looking forward to it!
Do you plan to release it on a reprocard or “just” as digital download?


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