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I picked up a MQ3 recently at a chunky discount and it reminded me of the stories I heard about how so many of our North America friends picked up a VB years back on clearance. Where I live in Europe it never even arrived, so this made me think of that a little bit, and of course the parallels of VR then and VR now.

Herecy to say such perhaps – but I still don’t think VR will ever, ever, take hold in the mainstream like some expect, and I’m absolutely fine with that. I think there’s more creativity sometimes when the interest pool is niche but hungry like with VB.

There are some good virtual arcade apps on there, but of course what I was really hoping is if anyone made/saw/imagined a VB emulator like Red Viper on the 3DS (which I still haven’t gotten round to adding).

Did anyone here end up picking up a Meta Quest 3? What do you think of it?

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