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Has anyone gotten this to work properly? I certainly havent. I was wondering if we have any contact information for Sofiyacat, I’d like to talk to her (him?) about it and see what we can expect in the future.

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anyone tried it?

It works fine on mine. At least… It loaded the software fine. Seeing as it didn’t look any better than regular red dragon, I didn’t try to load anything. Excuse me for my laziness. 😀

Jojobean, do you mean that it won’t load on your PSP (and your menu displays corrupted files)? Or do you mean that the software won’t work? Because I can help you get it (and other homebrew) to work if it’s displaying corrupted files. The mistake that I’ve seen most people make with PSP homebrew is that they’re not running custom firmware, so they just stuff some homebrew on their memory stick and expect it to load.

ive got custom firmware and run all sorts of emulators. the program boots up fine, but none of the games run. they just go to the VB screen at the beginning and dont do anything. it almost seems like its running SUPER SUPER slow.

oh yeah, i also cant change the input, no matter what i press it doesnt do anything. has anyone actually played a game with this?


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