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Does anyone know where I could buy a security bit long enough to open a Virtual Boy? I bought one of those extra long ones on eBay, but it’s too short and I can’t remove the last two screws. I don’t have a grinder or a dremel, so I can’t modify it.

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I dont know, but can I ask what you’re doing to your VB?

This is a good question. I would like to know too if anyone knows where I can find one too. I sometimes have that graphic glitch problem and want to take it apart to fix it.

Does anyone know if the bic pen trick would work?

I’d guess the bic pen trick would be the best option if you don’t have a dremel or grinder. That sucks that the deep ones can’t get the deepest screws either 🙁 .


i think i saw something on ebay for that just the othe rday.

if u take your extra long one from ebay and grind down the sides untill its as small as the hole u can just drop the whole thing down the hole and insert a screwdriver with the right bit into it and unscrew it like that

Heh, but that requires a grinder/dremel, which they don’t have :-P.


jojobean: My Virtual Boy has the horizontal line problem and I’d like to fix it.

I’ll try that Bic pen trick, thanks for the tip.

if the bic pen trick dont work im sure u can find some one near you that owns a grinder , its a very common tool

how does one do the bic pen trick? i really need to fix my vb.

Some of you will be happy ^^

You can find a special screwdriver here.
It’s the “Tournevis GC” (Ref : GCTOURNEVIS) (and NOT the Access Pro Tool Kit V2, which does not work because it’s not long enough).
Howerver, you will have to file the handle of the screwdriver, otherwise it won’t be long enough, and in the end it should look like this :


looks like it might be long enough.

The screwdriver named “Tournevis GC” is the one you can see on the picture I took (well, after beeing filed) and not the one on the picture available on the website.

they have the same head, right?

Yep ^^, the head needed to open the VB.

It’s now over 4 years later and I’m bumping this. The pen trick didn’t work for me and I never could find a security bit that actually fit (nor do I know anyone with a grinder to grind the shorter one I already have). I wound up just buying another system, which now has the same problem. Is there a place that sells these now at a reasonable price? The only one I could find is on eBay, but the seller wants $33 for it and it doesn’t seem like it can even attach to a ratcheting screwdriver like the other bits do.

If there are no reasonably priced ones out there, would anyone here be willing to file/grind the bit I already have for me?

Try this one here:


I have bought the same. Very robust and long enough to reach to the deepest screw. Can´t complain on the quality, worth buying it.

Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered one! Fantastic!


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