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Being forever interested in the concept of virtual reality, I was both excited and angry to learn that Konami were bringing out a “Solid Eye” attatchment for Metal Gear Ac!d 2 on the PSP. It’s really awful.
The Solid eye is like this weird cardboard box thing that creates a box around your PSP. It has 2 magnifying glasses on top to view the screen. In order to create a sterescopic effect, the screen is split in half so you see the same image seperately in each eye.
It just.. Doesn’t work. I kept getting double vision. Because the magnifying glasses zoom in on the PSP screen, it made me feel really nauseous. Sorry for the rant, I just needed to vent my anger XD

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I don’t follow how that works. Could you put it in sipiler terms?

Like, you cant just make a pair of 3D glasses and it’ll have the same effect right? Hmmm… How WOULD you make your own 3D glasses. If you know how. please tell me. Like could you just make a crummy frame out of pipecleaners and use blue and red tissue paper? Maybe I’ll try that.

But anyways. I didn’t quite get what you said. please simplify description.

If you do an image search you should be able to find a picture.
theres two magnifying glasses at the top which you look through. the psps screen is split into two: one half for each eye.
the vb worked by displaying 2 slightly different images into each eye. When your brain puts them together, the images appear to be 3d.
With the psp the images are the same in each eye, so it doesn’t create a good 3d effect.
As for making a device like that, I have no idea. Sorry

Yeah I’ve seen that thing before. did’nt look very comfortable considering it looks as if you hold the psp up to your face.


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