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I have something fun to try. I started doing some doodles of vb game remakes which are basicly the same as the original but with a funny pun in the title. I’ve made “telephoneboxer” “Car Alarm” and “Nester’s Monkey Bowling” I have ideas for “horizontal Force” and Scholastic pinball” I’m not sure if many people would understand that last one, but the rhyme was just way too good to pass up.Telephoneboxer was my first and it’s still my favourite, but I like the joke Car Alarm a lot too. I’ve posted a few here. The hardest part about this is thinking up funny titles. So I’m thinking that if some people could give me some names, I could try and do something with them and maybe post them. Sounds fun eh? So if ya get any ideas, please tell me.

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The monkeys look like cats. kinda funny though.
How about “Galactic Blueballs”, but please don’t make a picture of it.

HAHAHAH! You come up with some of the weirdest threads πŸ˜› . How about Virtual Phishing, Mario’s Cash, and Virtual Boring (Engrish Style πŸ˜‰ ). I could come up with a few others, but I’m at work right now, and they’re probably not work appropriate πŸ˜‰ .


I like Mario’s Cash. I got a great idea for that! and at school I thought of snack bros. vb oreo land, and there was something else, but I forget.
and yeah. I cant draw monkeies. They looked better on paper.

Here is a picture of mario’s cash. Thank you DogP for this wonderful idea.
I am making my own ones, but I’ll allways take priority for submitted ideas. Depending if I can do anything with them. I know this isn’t that great, but I like it.


LOL “Virtual Phishing” good one.

i like the snack brothers idea, can’t wait for the image. ^_^

Hi. I’ve got VB Oreo land and snack bros. You may not understand the joke in snack bros. The idea is lanturn is making himself INTO a pie. So he’s making himself a pie. and I know, I can’t draw them. I don’t actually own that game. I had to look at screenshots. I didn’t understand the phishing joke. I don’t know what it means. I have a rough sketch of “big house o Banana” a spoof of Insmouse no yakata. It still needs some work. Enjoy!

O…K.. 😯

…Keep it up? 😐

πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

Does that mean you don’t like them? πŸ™
I put a lot of effort into them. It would be funner if people would send ideas. by the way. to lameboy advance: I love your avatar. I’ve wasted tons of time just watching it. Why did Kr155e change his? I thought it was hilarious. and yesterday I BEAT MY BROTHER’S TOP SCORE ON GALACTIC PINBALL ALIEN!!!! His score has been there for like, a decade. I feel like I really fit in on these forums. and What’s a coder? “Mound Pie” soon to come. Sorry for all these random thoughts.

Big house o Banana!
You don’t need to tell me, I already know it sucks. Everything looks so much better on paper! DX


They’re… different. πŸ˜‰

Hm… Possible ideas…

Wario Bland – Yet another remake of a remake of a remake…
TeleroFoxer – Furry fighting as its best
Virtual Blab – Completing puzzles by talking them to death (microphone required)
Hack Bros – Jack Bros meets the The Matrix

…How are those for crap suggestions? πŸ˜›

LOL these are funny keep on going!

You should make a comic called Mario’s Stash, where Mario has to like, uhh… Hide his playboy’s from Peach, or something…

And another could be like… Virtual Stitching (instead of Virtual Fishing)… Where you like… Sew stuff… IN 3-D!!!


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