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“Insmouse no Yakata” or “Innsmouth no Yakata”
(nintendo virtual boy)

MP3 v0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p7a95tzgc8r2gtz/VB+-+Insmouse+no+Yakata+OST+%28MP3%29.zip

FLAC 8: http://www.mediafire.com/download/97youmv50kl22ip/VB+-+Insmouse+no+Yakata+OST+%28FLAC%29.zip

rip by anikiii

http://bigbadbro.tumblr.com <--- (i don't check this forum often, so feel free to ask for re-uploads here as well) ripped using vbjin-ovr.exe(mednafen) converted from wav to mp3 LAME v0 and FLAC 8 hello again. use this stuff however you want, just don't steal credit for the rip. and of course feel free to upload this stuff to the main site should you desire. -------------------------------------------------------------- TRACK LIST -------------------------------------------------------------- 01 I'MAX 02 Intro 03 Chase (SE) 04 Title 05 Cry 06 ROPE 07 ROAD 08 LOVE 09 Growl 10 Hurry 11 Level Complete (SE) 12 Game Over (SE) 13 The Fog Clears 14 Throw Your Gun Away 15 Ending A 16 Ending B

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Thank you very much for your effort.

As you may or may not know, I have been reverse engineering this game for a long time. So here are my comments with some technical data:

01: This is actually a sound effect (actually two – the whoosh and the beep) as far as the game’s sound engine is concerned. 🙂
02 (ingame/InsmEdit number 01FE): OK.
03 (02FE): You could get a sound effect-free version of this by using my editor InsmEdit to place the track in a level and record it from there, or hack the ROM to play it e.g. at the precaution screen. In any case, I’ve done just that and my recording is attached. Edit it however you like.
04 (0FFE): OK.
05: This is a sound effect…
06 (04FE): OK.
07 (03FE): OK.
08 (0BFE): OK.
09: This is a sound effect…
10 (05FE): OK.
11 (07FE): See 03.
12 (08FE): See 03.
13: This is a sound effect…
14 and 15 (0AFE): This is actually just one track with silence between the two parts.
16 (09FE): I’d call this “Credits”, because it gets played at the credits roll for all endings except A. But OK.

Additionally, the game has one unused track you might want to include:


oh wow! no, i had no idea about the editor you had made. i wish i had before, as it would’ve saved me tons of time/work. thank you very much! i kinda exhausted most of my free time for a while doing the initial “soundtrack”, but when i have a chance i’ll need to make it a priority to redo everything including your flac files (super kind of you to share them) along with the unused track.

wow “02FE” actually loops? how neat! as for the sound effects, i usually try and include a few of the more impacting ones for the sake of nostalgia. for example, it would drive me nuts if i was unable to hear the “cry” after the title music (obviously it would be nonsense to put it right into the track, so i go this route). but i completely understand if some people aren’t into it.

overall, thank you again for all the info and help! i have a feeling i’ll also be able to use your editor to help with some of the dumb gifs i’ve been doing on the game as well. i’m pretty excited.


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