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HorvatM has released version 1.1 of his homebrew Shoot’Em Up “Soviet Union 2011“. This release fixes the game to work better on hardware. It also fixes some gameplay bugs and adds new features.

  • Sound now works on hardware.
  • The background on the right screen now displays correctly on hardware.
  • You can now change the brightness level. If your Virtual Boy has a glitchy display, lowering the brightness may reduce the severity of the glitches. To change the brightness, press left or right on the right D-pad on the mode selection screen or when the game is paused.
  • When the game is over, the difficulty setting and mode of play are displayed to assist in submitting high scores.
  • The readme file has been updated to include the number of bullets received by picking up ammunition for each weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new enemies from appearing if there were too many enemies on-screen. This usually occured in level 4 and could make the game impossible to finish.
  • Fixed unexpected behavior that occured when the game was finished.
  • Vertically flying projectiles fired by enemies are now slower to make them easier to see and dodge.
  • In endless mode, you are now given some more time to dodge the first enemy that appears.

Detailed information about the game come bundled with the ROM. If you get a good score, be sure to submit it to the newly added highscore tables for the game!

Soviet Union 2011 v1.1 Download


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The details in this piece of news are very good, enough to get me excited to play this game.

Thanks, HorvatM, for all your work on the homebrew scene.

the collision detection has me a bit frustrated while playing. it is clear to me that my bullet hit the plane, but nothing happens. other times the bullet fired upon me goes by me, and then when it clears my plane i lose a life. otherwise, this is a really fun homebrew and i have enjoyed playing it.


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