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Good news for you homebrewers! Shortly after the release of v1.1 of Soviet Union 2011, HorvatM has released the sound engine used in the game, complete with a demo program that shows how to utilize the engine.

This marks the first sound engine for the Virtual Boy that has been made available for other developers to use and easily add sound to their projects.

The engine has already been successfully incorporated into Insecticide shortly after it release. So, what are you waiting for?

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Correction: it’s Soviet Union 2011. “Soviet Strike” might have been a better title but it’s too late now.

And the engine gets its own page? I didn’t expect that. 😀

Finally, I want to thank DanB and DogP because without studying their sound code, this release couldn’t have happened.

Ahem, oops, fixed. 😀


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