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I was looking on ebay and you will never quess what I found a mint condition with the box copy of space squash on virtual boy for $15, like the die hard vb fan I am I bought one and jewed them down to $12 😎 πŸ˜€ , their is still one left but you better hurry to get it for a low low price like that. the adress for the legendary deal is http://cgi.ebay.com/Nintendo-Virtual-Boy-SPACE-SQUASH-Import-JAPAN_W0QQitemZ300340052915QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item45eda983b3&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

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You Genius!!!!!! WOW!!!

Haha i bought the other one buy it now as soon as i saw your post, im glad they shipped worldwide! This is my favourite game and was the first i played on the VB emulator, i couldnt careless if it is a fake, (usually if its too good to be true it probably is) but y’know i mean they got good feedback anyway, i just wanted to play the real thing on a VB but it was too expensive!!

suprised you didnt buy both of them and sell one!

I thank you for posting this, i truly am greatful, Space Squash has been one of my most wanted games!

im suprised they had more then 1 for sale as well πŸ˜€

Im so glad I could help you get a game youve been wanting 😎 and I looked at all the other listings of the game that are on ebay right now they all look the same so I dont thank there fake and heck even if they are its still going to be the same great game, again Im happy I can help πŸ˜€ you get the game who knows maybe insmouse or space invaders will be listed for dirt cheap some day

yeah it is the same game, it wont bother me, i dont plan on selling it!

you’ve made my day today and yeah just thank you, i normally look up virtual boy on ebay everyday but ive got most of the games i want and i just would never expect someone to put space squash up for a cheap price so that i would buy it lol

i bought wario land jap version from a guy in japan, very nice japanese people are, it was packaged to perfection they definitely wanted a positive transaction

guess we can only wait and see now hey!

FIFTEEN bucks? WTF? :O

I couldent believe it either $15 for a game that usually gos for $70 or more.

Again youre very much welcome πŸ˜‰ I couldent believe it either at first I expected it to have a reserve or expensive shipping then I nerly crapped my pants when I saw how cheap it was. Also judging by all the feedback the seller has for fast shipping we should have our game in a couple of weeks if not just a matter of days. :thumpup:

lol yeah, im from Australia so may take a week or two but its nothing new when the virtual boy games and system originated from USA and Japan – all my stuff has been from there apart from a few boxed jap games i got from an australian and galactic pinball for gee it was like 4.00 AU and 2.00 AU for postage lol i was pleased with that as well

out of curiosity does anyone know how well space squash sold when it was released? do you know KR155E? Your the master of this site and one of the biggest virtual boy fanatics i have seen lol

so VBrulez you haggled the buy it now with best offer and they still accepted it? this person either had no idea, wanted the cash, god knows what but it does happen

out of curiosity does anyone know how well space squash sold when it was released? do you know KR155E?

I’d like to know that as well, but unfortunaltey, there are no sales figures available.

Darn, oh well, it got released late in the virtual boys life though didnt it?

hey VBrulez let me know when your game arrives, il tell you when it comes for me as well

I will be sure to let you know 😎

Hey my copy has arrived today, didnt take that long at all!

it is absolutely awesome and i once again thank you! it came with its box, manual, the game, everything it is meant to have! i’m very pleased and it definitely does not look like a fake version to me!

the games very long and god damn are those bosses a challenge to hit!

once again thank you.

here is a picture of what was given to me

Im very glad to hear that you got the game, Hopefully Ill get mine by sunday.


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