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Hey, i’m interested in knowing other 3D systems/add-ons and accessories that give the illusion of 3D like the virtual boy, or in a similar way..

at the moment i only know of the

Vectrex 3D imager

Sega Master System 3D Glasses

Virtual Boy

Tomytronic 3D


Red and blue Glasses (for the virtual boy emulator, Cinemas that have 3D movies and books that have 3d images etc)

and i believe metal gear acid 1 or 2 has a peripheral called the Solideye that you place over the psp and it gives some 3d effect in the game, im not sure but ive heard about that.

Do you know any others, it can be anything that gives the 3D effect, id love to know!

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Does anyone know how well any of these 3D systems, add ons and accessories went?

How well did the sega master system glasses go? etc

im assuming the vectrex 3d imager didnt go to well considering the vectrex didnt last to long before the 1983 videogame crash.

The vectrex 3D imager is heaps expensive, does anyone have it? id love to see a video on youtube, a review – or anything about the 3d imager, ive only seen pictures. Does it give a good 3d effect?

Do you think it would have been possible to create the virtual boy as a pair of glasses (similiar to the sega master system glasses) and it had a piece of hardware that you place the cartridge in and then hook that to your TV (also allowing it to have colour)??

Hope this isnt to many questions and enjoy reading! would love your comments!

There was really crappy series of virtual reality games called vr/3D it was pretty much like an updated version of the r-zone every game was based of a sport or super hero which sounds cool but every games the same you either hit something or dodge something, and it had a head strap that would fall of your head because it diddnt have a thing to adjust it, and most important the games where all like handheld games unlike tomytronic 3D where you actuly felt like you where in the game and games where fun ones, but this is the complete oppsite of it.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean,but there are also some 3D imaging goggles that create the illusion of 3D on your pc.
I myself own a pair of goggles known as “Simuleyes” which connects to the monitor port at the back of my pc and when you put them on and push a specific key on the keyboard,the screen starts to flikker and also do the glasses.
It does need compatible software to work (like,i have wolfenstein 3D and Descent).
It is a bit outdated.
It was released back in 1994.(I really liked it a lot and for me it had a “wow” effect.)
Today there are still goggles like that availlable,which are improved ofcourse and even work with movies and games of any console,as long as it is connected to the tv.

To my knowledge it didn’t sell very well,because there aren’t many compatible games released for it and it was rather expensive.
I paid for mine 250 gilders (Dutch currancy back in those days) which would make about 130 euro’s today.
For me then a lot of money.


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