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Currently I’m working on a translation patch for Space Squash.
I’m nowhere near done, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having a patch for this game?

Later on I’m thinking of translating Insmouse no Yakata, Virtual Fishing and V-Tetris (is there any Japanese text in this game at all?).

Here’s one screen (the translation is not finalized):


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btw. is there some kind of cheat to fight against other enemies or jump to later levels? I would like to test everything but don’t want to play through the whole thing over and over again.

Nice work. I never found a way to skip forward when I did the initial translation. I always made Ben test everything :). He never seems to get bored with playing the Virtual Boy so you could probably delegate some of the testing.

I also looked deeper into how the control screen works because I thought I might be able to just use a different alphabet there as well. From what I see this might be possible. However, the “Controller Functions” title is an image and not text. Meaning I would have to do a BGMap replacement for that part anyway. So I guess I will just replace the whole map as I initially planned.

thunderstruck wrote:

Honestly I would prefer max. 5 letter names…

Well, if 5-letter names must be used, then go with these:


I visit my parents for a few days and look what happens..I should see them more often 🙂

OK then, here we go. I attached a patched ROM that has the translated character names. I tested if the names look fine by setting the name for the first opponent. I also played through the game a bit but SNAKU eventually kicked my ass. Maybe someone else can do it and check out if everything works fine. I also noticed that PAOZO uses his own name in one of his responses. As the names now changed it would be good if someone goes through the translation and check if there are inconsistencies.

Yesterday I started on my tool to replace Chars and BGMaps. It is basically a very simple thing that allows me to read in files produced by VIDE and write those into the ROM. It also writes the asm code to the ROM and calculates the jump positions and all that tedious stuff for me. It is not completely done yet but everything looked fine so far.

Here is the final version including a translated control screen. Tell me if something is broken, I didn’t test allot.

I’ve erased my previous message here as I have now resolved some technical difficulties. I’ll test the whole game out this afternoon and reveal the results.

thunderstruck wrote:
Here is the final version including a translated control screen. Tell me if something is broken, I didn’t test allot.

I just got done play-testing the whole game, and everything looks great! The only opponents that ever mentioned their own names were Paozo and Lyone, and since their names did not get altered/shortened, no inconsistencies arose from the new, shortened names in relation to the old translations.

Thus, I would say that your ROM in post #48 of this thread is the one to use for the cart release in the future.

Thanks for helping to finish translation-patching the game, thunderstruck!


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