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“Talking Classics” Video Game Documentary

Part 2

I hope you like it.

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lol! πŸ˜€

And like it I did, thanks for posting. πŸ™‚

Thanks guys. I’m working on 2 new episodes now. I’ll post those when theyre done.

Like that one, BTW what cake did you settle for in the bakery?

Nah only kidding, but if you got details on your head mount strap design I would like a view, as would a few others i’m sure.

Man, that was hilarious! πŸ˜€

i want to see one dedicated to the VB. hopefully with you puking while playing.

That video was pretty funny. I also really liked “Hey It’s Me It’s Trale Lewous”, although that really has nothing to do with Virtual Boy. Maybe Trale Lewous could try to sell Virtual Boys?

Pretty funny stuff. I lol’ed.

I’m not sure if I would risk crossing a busy street with a VB strapped to my face for a joke, but…

My favorite is the completely unintelligible part at the end. What were you even saying? I caught something about arcades, snacks, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo…

I dont get it, was the video supposed to be funny or does he really talk like a true nerd? and if its a joke then epic fail on the hair cut

Sorry that is my default hair cut. I’m still waiting for it to come back.
I’m posting a second video with that character tomorrow.

The head strap is basically 2 pieces of velcro. One square on each side of the VB. Then a long strip the sticks to those and goes around the back of my head. Then a piece that sticks to another little velcro square on the front and goes over the top of my head and connects to the back piece. The weight of it rests on your nose so I use a little piece of foam on my nose to pad it.

Talking Classics 2

That was excellent :thumpup: – very, very funny.

You have a lot of talent.

Thanks MineStorm.
If anyone wants a Talking Classics T-Shirt with my ugly face on it. Check these out


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