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Esteemed reader,

The photo on Wikipedia is wrong. The Virtual Boy stand has a correct orientation, and it’s the other one. Please be informed.

In the Virtual Boy system instruction manual (which you should have read along with the precaution booklet before operating), the correct orientation of the stand is explicitly described:

Place the stand on a flat horizontal surface such as a table. The ends of the stand should be pointing away from you and the clamp release button should be facing toward you.

Attach the Virtual Boy to the stand. Insert the mount on the bottom of the Virtual Boy into the back of the clamp. Rotate the Virtual Boy down and into the clamp until you hear a click.

Attached to this post is a scan of the corresponding page from the manual. The same text can also be found on the Nintendo customer service website:

Many promotional images from Nintendo depict the stand attached backwards. Even though these are from an official source, they are still incorrect. The most likely reason these were done wrong is that the Nintendo logo is visible on the front of the stand, and the photographers wanted it to be facing the camera at all times, even when viewing the back of the Virtual Boy.

Let yourself be not swayed by callous misinformation. The one true stand orientation is as described in the good book, and the other is but a shambling lie.

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This is the way.

I’ve literally been saying this for years and I will die on this hill.

Who’s the yo-yo who made that pic on Wikipedia WITHOUT DILIGENTLY STUDYING THE MANUAL???


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