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Last week I got myself a Oculus Quest 2 and the first thing I did was downloading the VirtualBoyGo emulator.
On a regular VB I always had trouble getting the 3D effect because of bad eyes. Now my eyes are fixed and I was finally able to enjoy the full 3D of the VB titles. Wario is awesome! At one point I stopped by at 3D Tetris and played it for a bit.
I got curious what has happened to the japanese version of the game. I knew that there was this Polygo Block Flyer scan here on PVB.
I decided to have a look at the 3D Tetris rom in Tilemolester.
Guess what, I found almost all the GFX of the japanese Polygo Block version plus a beta logo of 3D Tetris.
KR155E has already uploaded the beta logo to the PVB database. You can see it here:

For the beta logo we only got the picture for the left eye but I was able to restore the right eye too and made a quick hack so that the game uses the beta logo for the title screen. I will upload a IPS batch for that later.

While I was restoring that beta screen I made the decision to restore Polygo Block aswell.
The japanese text is all present in the rom and it can be used.
Unfortunately the Polygo Block logo is not in the rom anymore. This was overwritten by that beta 3D Tetris logo.
Fortunately we have that Flyer. With that I was able to recreate the logo.
You can see that here:

While I can hack most of the stuff myself I would need help with implementing the title screen properly, because that goes a little deeper than just GFX or Hex editing.
Is there somebody here who can give me a helping hand here?
I hope to have Polygo Block fully restored soon.

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  • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by Goemon.
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This is great news. Hope it end up as a complete release. I am intrested of course 🙂


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