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Hi all, first post on here. Been lurking for a bit as I was researching prices and doing my homework on what I was getting into.

So, I’ve recently purchased a Japanese VB unit and have it fully-functioning. It is in nearly pristine condition and I could not be more pleased.

However, there seem to be two curiosities with this unit. First, unless the Japanese units are for some reason different than the US units that I’ve seen videos of people taking apart to fix, all of the screws in my unit seem to have been replaced with non-removable security screws. (See attached photo – all the screws are the same.) This strikes me as an odd thing to do. Is this normal? Like I said, the unit works perfectly, but I don’t know how long it will last, and I can’t know if it’s been soldered or had any parts replaced if I can’t open it.

Second, I sat there for literally an hour trying to get the unit to go on the stand in the correct direction (compliant with the official instructions – ends of legs facing away, medallion facing me when playing). Neither part seems to have been modified, and it is indeed the original OEM stand. The unit glides on easily in the wrong direction, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to make it go on the stand properly. I feel like an idiot. Am I the only one? Am I doing something wrong?

Aside from this, the image is clear and sharp, and everything works just fine. Thanks for any insight on these issues.

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Well, upon further research, those are the OEM screws. I just need the right bit. I guess I didn’t look closely enough in the videos I watched.

The stand also looks like it may be one of the replacement stands which people online mention only fits the VB backwards. However, it does have the Nintendo logo on the medallion, which is what led me to believe it was OEM. Anyone have experience with this?

I have two VBs with OEM stands, one being a Blockbuster rental unit. Both stands only fit on either VB the “wrong” way. I think it looks better that way anyways :p

My OEM stands allow for my Virtual Boy units to easily clip in from either direction. I have one replacement stand (from Hyperkin’s “Repair Box”) and it seems to be identical (aside from any Nintendo branding) but will only allow any of my Virtual Boys to easily clip in backwards.

I have found that I can “slide” the head unit into the replacement stand clip at a very direct angle and sort of pop it into place to get it on the correct way.

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All of my OEM stands allow for the head units to be installed either way, but they all seem to go on just a little easier when they’re installed the “wrong” way. I think I know why…

Have a look at the picture provided below and you’ll notice I highlighted five plastic nubs just above the serial number sticker. Then you’ll notice I also highlighted the top of the stand. When we attach the head units the way it says to in the manual, those five markings come in contact with the highlighted part of the stand making it slightly difficult to attach the head unit this way. Those five markings don’t exist on the opposite side, making it easier for the head unit to go on the “wrong” way since there’s nothing there to rub against that highlighted part of the stand.

I don’t know why it’s like this…but it is


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