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Hey everyone… was curious, since there were never any ‘official’ game carrying cases, if anyone has found any good alternatives for carrying around their collection of games?

For example, the round Altoid tins are perfect for storing 3 PSP UMDs

any good suggestions?

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I use game gear cases since I had the same problem and it was suggested to me here. Now, they don’t fit perfectly, but you can still cram your games in there 😀



Yea, I really wish there was a good way to keep your games loose and organized (so you can play them!!) Right now I either leave them in the boxes, or leave the ones i’m currently playing just in a pile. Buying a few lots on ebay has gotten me a few loose ones, but right now i’m resisting the temptation of getting 2 of the games I like to play (one in the box, and one loose to play..that would get pretty expensive).


I use an old cardboard box from a 40pk of 3.5″ floppies I got years ago. Its still holding up and stores all my carts (until I finish my collection). 😉

well, it’s been a while ago, but in the past i was using a case for mini discs and the vb games did fit perfectly. it was a mini disc case for 12 md’s or so, that was great. nice that you have opened this threat and remember me on it, i think i’ll have a look for a 40 md case or so…

in the meantime, i worked for a company they are producing cartons for industry, and i have still a carton from them, all my vb carts are fitting perfectly into this carton, but md case is of course more comfortable…

According to Wikipedia MD discs are 68x72x5mm, whereas VB is 75×6.5×68(74 with cover)mm.

I guess if a case has a bit of room in it they could fit, but the covers make them a lot longer.

Ideally I’d like to find a hardcase that will hold all VB games with covers, or a softcover that does the same.


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