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I have this copy of Super Mario World on SNES

It looks different than what most Super mario world carts look like this:

as u can see, the middle part looks like a part from the super famicom carts,
I dunno, but ive seen people on ebay sell the same kind of SNES carts that i have. I really doubt my copy is counter-feit, i mean it still has saves from 10 years ago! and it looks and plays with no problems. Can anyone explain the shape of the middle part of the cartridge? btw lots of games other than super mario world have the same kind of cartridge casing as my copy.

Can anyone explain why some SMW copies look this way?

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I don’t know why they changed, but both cart styles are really common. It seemed to me that the old ones were solid like the second image, and the newer games switched to the recessed one. IIRC, the newer games also stopped coming with the connector cover… maybe related, maybe not.


all i know is that PAL/Super Famicom carts need those holes so that something would insert and lock the cartridge.

I got a Super Mario World like Zubari95’s one from a SNES “Super Mario World set” so I believe it isn’t counterfeit

yet I thought that the ones that look Super Famicom-ish (but are not a Super Famicom cart) were counterfeit, but I’ve heard it was actually a different version of SNES carts they had, plus I believe I heard on another forum that someone got StarFox from Toys R Us once and they had a Super Famicom-ish SNES cart

I think it might be different versions that are both real (unless if you got them from a Chinese (or anyone really) seller who has a cartridge that claims “10000 in one! Mario World 6! Earthbound! Chrono Trigger! Sonic! TELEROBOXER!” 😛 )

I don’t know why they changed either, but my theory was always that some people (little kids?) were trying to eject carts with the power switch still on. I never tried it, but I think the “new” carts (top image) push the “lock bar” out of the way (notice the curved bottom edge of the middle part) during eject. This prevents damage to the eject lever while also turning the SNES off, which may reduce the possibility of SRAM erasure.

I somewhere heard that it was changed so the ActionReplay and other cheat/3rd party carts wouldn’t fit anymore.




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