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The word is spreading. Just a small selection:

flashboy plus virtual boy emulator: get one now while supplies last (technabob)

Flashboy Plus breathes life into Virtual Boy (yes, you red that right) (Joystiq)

Flashboy Plus revives Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, literally one game at a time (Engadget)

FlashBoy Plus – Virtual Boy fans rejoice with FlashBoy Plus (Ubergizmo)

Funny how internet Chinese whispers creates new “facts” about the FB Plus, like how it “comes with all of the Virtual Boy games ever released, including the Japanese ones”. Cool, even I didn’t know that! πŸ˜‰

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Did this ever happen on any site when the original FlashBoy released?

I (sadly) wasn’t looking at Virtual Boy stuff in 2007 (I don’t think at least, but I faintly remember seeing this site back when it had a different style, but its a blurry memory so I’m not sure… I probably did go to this site many years ago but wasn’t looking at particularly Virtual Boy things rather than Nintendo things, so that might be why my memory is blurry)

[size=xx-small]you don’t think Nintendo or someone will see these news reports and stop it even though its the “unloved” Virtual Boy… right? 😯

I would have preordered one. πŸ™
Please put me on your list, KR155E.

I guess I don’t need one, but I would love battery back up dev soft.


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