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Following an idea by dasi, I restructed the menu and added the new “Development” item, where developers can now find everything they need easily. Additionally, the “Utilities” section has been renamed to “Tools”.

I also changed the name of the “Features” item to “Information”, but am not very happy with the term. Since I can’t think of any better term for the menu, I am asking for any proposals from the community.

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I think “Information” is an apt term, but if it helps – here’s some other terms that might help (at least get someone thinking of a better ones)



References (or Virtual Boy References)


I’m not sure that any of these really work, but like I said – one of these might trigger a better term to surface.

It looks like most of the stuff in there is advertising, trade show appearances, and interviews… How about “Press”? Or you could just shorten it to “Info”. I think the problem with “Information” is that it’s too generic; everything on the site is information.

How about “Media”?

Otherwise, I agree with shortening it to “Info” although it is a bit generic sounding…

Also, maybe “Extra” could be called “Site”.

I second “Press”. And on a somewhat related matter, I always thought it is strange that there are different tabs for “Multimedia” and “Images” in the games section… Why not put images under multimedia too?

DanB wrote:
Why not put images under multimedia too?


Thanks for your ideas! I chose “References”, as it seemed to be the most appropriate term.

About the seperation “Multimedia” (Which might get renamed to just “Media”) and “Images”: It’s right that screenshots are images too, and technically, videos are just moving images. But if I chose to have screenshots under the images tab, I’d need extra tabs for videos and audio.

So I decided for the current solution, which could be seen as a separation between “media” taken directly from the game (screenshots, videos, audio) and the “image” tab, which holds all kinds of related scans (Boxes, Carts, Flyers, etc).

I agree that it’s not a totally clean separation, but the best I can think of. On one hand, I want to group related content in a way that makes sense to not have too many tabs, on the other hand, having “Media” and “Images” under one tab would be too much stuff on one site IMHO.


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