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I just want to thank everyone who puts some wicked good information. It was very helpful to me as I was writing the book Unofficial Price Guide to Video Games: Virtual Boy

It’s so cool how close this community is and how amazing the homebrews are still coming out. I tried to include as many homebrews as possible.

What I focused on is prices of games. I know, that depends. But with grades getting grading now I thought it was important for people to have some sort of idea of price and rarity.

I don’t want to spam the link to buy the book (although I would love if you do buy) please DM me and I’ll point you to Amazon, Gumroad, Kobo, Nook, and more to come (both physical, pdf or epub are purchase options). Prices start at $5 and go to about $15 (depending on where you buy it from.)

The book is 76 pages. Has a checklist for all 22 official released games, prices for all games, prototypes and homebrews that I could find. It even has a small section on the displays.

As a bonus, I want to give a free book to a random sub who replies to this thread 🙂 Merry Christmas my friends!

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I hope you know that most homebrew games (mine included) are sold without their creator’s approval and that you didn’t include those.
(Not trying to be dismissive of your book or anything, it’s just how it is.)

It did occur to me that many homebrews were sold by “third” parties if you will. I probably should have made that point in the book. The only reason that I wanted to include the homebrews is because of the shear number of them. I thought it was so amazing that (1) they were created (2) when they were created (3) they are still being created. To me homebrews shows love for the VB. And that was intriguing to me.

In the book I did mention some people are selling homebrews like they were original, box art and all. Which is dirty. But my intention was to promote knowledge so collectors don’t get the wool pulled over them.


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