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In the process of helping mellott124 test his HyperFlash32 prototype, I did a lot of experimenting with the different padding modes (1:Move Header, 2:Fill Start, 3:Repeat) for various roms that can be found for download on Planet Virtual Boy. I did this to confirm the work he had already done, and to expand upon it. Mellott124 thought it might be useful to share that information with the community in case someone had any use for it beyond just the HyperFlash32.

The two images attached to this post are tables from that testing. The first being a list of all the roms I tested and confirmed to run on hardware (using the HF32 prototype) with their optimal padding modes. The second table is an excerpt of some of the testing I did on homebrew roms, which shows how some of the padding modes compare in terms of time needed to flash to the cart.

All the times represented here are specific to the HF32 prototype. This was not a precise scientific test at all, I used a stopwatch to test each flashing time. So give each a +/- 2 second margin of error.

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Nice! Thanks for posting this.

Thank you for the information!


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