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At first a loud Helauuu and planet Alaaf, as we use to say on carnival in Germany ;). I am back in the civil life, after 2 months in the army i decided to do Social Work. And so i am 100% ready again. For this Update we can present you some new Videos in the VB in Hollywood Section. A big thank you to Neil who was so kind to send me the ” The Secret Agent Club” VHS. Also a big thank you to our Partner Freeze who sent me the “Tokyo Eyes” Tape. With the Rareware Profile, theres now another update in our Companies Section. There is also a new Site in the web called Play it Loud with some fine VB stuff in our Links Section. At last we have to say that you can send us now a sms via Email on our cellular phones. For the addresses look in our About Us Section. Till next update!!

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