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While we are still working on things like a complete new selfmade section or new game reviews, here’s a quick update about the just released “Made in Wario”, a weird GBA game which features hundreds of minigames. Some of those minigames are Nintendo classics such as “Legend of Zelda”, “Dr. Mario” or “Metroid”. But it also contains red classics, one Virtual Boy game I could find yet was “Mario Clash”. I made up a new section called “Guest Star: Virtual Boy”, which has info about “Made In Wario” as well as “Super Smash Bros. Melee” for Gamecube, which the Virtual Boy appears in, too. Thanks go to Frostgiant, who found out about the Smash Bros. thing and made the pics.

I also need to note that it could take a while until the next update since Metroid Prime was released in Europe yesterday 😉 What can I say But WOW this is a GREAT game, two thumps up for Retro Studios!

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