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That right this dedicated FlashBoy support forum got a new post.

Remember the FlashBoy +? Back in the era when official VB stuff cost as much as a sandwich and not a used car.

We’ll its back and being massed produced by the Vintex 64 team. The world going get a lot more of them. So, power up your Discord chat for healthy discussions, trips down memory lane, fun bashing, to create some controversy, or declare a retro-gaming war on this little flashcard before it destroys the known world we know.

To celebrate its 15 year anniversary and to make up for lost time we re-launch it in a big way! New labels, injection molded shell, support manual, and more!

We’ll also be supporting existing FB & FB+ too. Spare shell parts, labels, new for old program, etc.

Developer can get a free unit too when we get extra stock in few months; if interested.

See link below for listing & FB+ FAQ.

We also created a “FB+ Manual” to help reduce confusion and easy the process.

Many thanks go to Richard the original inventory of the FlashBoy + who shared his design and gave us permission to produce and tweak.

The FlashBoy + the little Flashcard that can. Some say you cannot beat the original. We say there should be room in modern time for this great cost-effective flashcard with an established rich history.

Also, we have a FlashBoy+ related surprise coming in a few months. More details when ready or to inquiring customers.

All the best,

The Vintex 64 Team

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I bought one; thank you for keeping Richard’s dream alive by giving us the FlashBoy+ again!


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