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I am thinking about building a hard case similar to those rare Blockbuster cases for my Virtual Boy. But before I even start, I want to know if there is any potential damage that can be done to the VB’s inner hardware by carrying it in the case (the displays come to mind). Mind you, I take very good care of my electronic equipment, but I still want to be sure nothing bad can happen.


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Wait… I thought the point of using a padded case was to protect the contents from damage… Is this a trick question? 😉

As long as you don’t make the case so small that it crushes the VB when closed, it should be a good way to protect it not only from damage, but also from dust and fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

I asked because, you know, such cases don’t get treated very well… they’re dropped, shaken, knocked over, and such things.

Aha! I thought I remembered someone building one before: http://www.vr32.de/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=5537#forumpost5537 . You might want to check that out… it looks like it turned out pretty nice.



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