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My R-Zone collection is for sale.


Apollo 13: US$200
NiGHTS into Dreams (Super Screen): $60
Area 51: $60
Star Wars: Imperial Assault: $40
Panzer Dragoon: $40
Millennium Falcon Challenge (Super Screen): $30
Indy 500: $30
Star Wars: Jedi Adventure: $10

$20 each for the rest, $15 each for two, or $10 each for three or more.


Independence Day: $40
Jurassic Park: $40
Area 51 (with Super Screen slide): $25
Area 51: $20

$10 each for the rest, or $5 each for two or more. I’ll ship for free within the contiguous United States. I also have a loose Super Screen ($50), two loose XPG handhelds ($30 each), a sealed XPG with Jedi Adventure ($35), a loose head unit ($15), and a few loose Super Screen slides, one of which appears to a blank with a small red square on it (misprint?). I’ll send a broken XPG for parts for free if anyone wants it.

In case anyone’s looking, I found a sealed Independence Day in Germany on eBay this morning while gauging prices.

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I will buy Nights. I also sent you a private message.

You still have the set? I would like to make an offer on the whole thing

Do you still have any R zone games for sell??? Or anything R zone??


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