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mine are:
1. Virtual Boy
3. Gameboy (however, I usually play Gameboy games on the SNES by using a Super Gameboy)
4. PSP
5. this is debatable, I play the DS more but collect for the Gameboy Advance more… a tie?

what about you guys/gals?

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To be honest, I am not a gamer. I use my Nintendo Wii about 6 times a year, and last game I got was super mario brothers (the red case one). But I am a huge fan of technology, which is why I like the VB (and why I come to this site). But this would be mine…

1. My phone
2. Game Boy Color (My only Game Boy, I only use it for Tetris DX)
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Pac Man Arcade (now that I think about it, I should probably get one)
5. Virtual Boy
6. Dreamcast (in case you don’t count #4)

2. Virtual Boy
3. TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine
4. NeoGeo
5. DS (But I’ll probably change this to 3DS if I ever get to play one ;-))

NB: I don’t currently own #3 or #4.

1. DS (most likely will change to 3DS (its great) once I’ve had it a while and played more game types).
3. VB
4. Wii
5. N64 (or Dreamcast, can’t decide so its a tie)

The Dreamcast is the only non-Nintendo console I own.
Problem I now have is as I look at my list I want to put in the NES and the Cube cos they both had some top games, wow I’m just so great at decision making, or am I?

1:Gameboy/Gameboy Color
3:Gameboy Advance
4:Virtual Boy

1) NeoGeo
2) GameBoy Advance
3) Dreamcast
4) Virtual Boy
5) SuperNintendo

Five are not enough for every console i love…

1: Neo-Geo AES
2: Capcom CPS-Changer
3: Virtual Boy
4: Sega Saturn
5: Atari 2600

I have listed in no specific order, but if I could only own 5 home consoles those listed would be them. Pains me to exclude SNES and Dreamcast.

This is a tough one for me… I’d probably go with

2: Dreamcast
3: Virtual Boy
4: Nintendo 64
5: Sega Genesis

… and then Gamecube.

In order of greatness:

1) Nintendo 64
2) XBOX 360
3) Super Nintendo
4) Nintendo DS
5) Famicom Disk System

1) Nintendo 3DS
2) Game Boy Advance SP
3) Super Nintendo
4) Virtual Boy
5) Nintendo 64

I can’t really throw the VB into my list yet because I have not actually experienced the real thing yet! (I do like its style and the games though.) But here’s my current list:

– Wii
– PS2

In no specific order!

I’d list more, but these are the consoles I simply spend the most time on playing and finding the most interesting little gems for. I actually love underappreciated but really good games the most.

1. Sega Saturn
2. Sega Dreamcast
3. NDS
4. Virtual Boy
5. N64 or PS2

Nintendo 64
Virtual Boy

1. Nintendo Entertainment System
2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
3. Nintendo 64
4. Gameboy (the original one)
5. Virtual Boy

1) Mega Drive
2) xbox360
3) N64
4) Xbox
5) Dreamcast

based primarily on the systems ive spent the most time with..
shockingly no place for the VB, but ive only just managed to fix the horizontal line glitch, so im sure ill be spending a hell of a lot more time with it now! : )

I’ll go with:

1. Wii (mainly for emulation of the below)
2. Super Famicom
2. Famicom
3. Gameboy
4. VirtualBoy (I love it, but the above eclipse it)

– I’d love to squeeze the GBA and Megadrive in there and even the Gamecube.

– I think I spent the most time on PS2, but I can’t say it’s my favourite (even though it probably is)…

Tricky to decide, I would go for what i consider I have played with most, so:

1. DS
2. Gameboy
3. GBA
5. NES

For me mostly handhelds, then the old fav 8 & 16bit.
VB would be in the top 10 as it is a favorite, but honestly I don’t play it a huge amount, it gets picked up and played every few weeks, I get a hankering for a blast of red n black, but usually an hour or so and I’m done.

I think the 3DS will replace the DS at the top in a year or so, but only as thats the one in my pocket right now.

The ZX81 & Spectrum should be in there as most of my yoof was spent playing on them, but they are computers not a consoles.

1.Virtual Boy (Because it offers an experience like no other and it’s possibilities for homebrew).

2.Wii (I’m a fan for motion control and to me graphics can always come second. I’m also a fan for originality. Not just how every system can copy/and or improve on it.)

3.NES (So much innovation went into this system. All things that are common place to any game system were pioneered in this system. From games that actually end instead of just get harder and harder to passwords and saving batteries)

4.Super Nintendo (Id have to say this was the golden age of Nintendo).

5.PS3 (I enjoy the downloadable games which are modern retro versions of what I used to play).

1: PC Okay, maybe it’s not a console, but it’s what I play most games on.
2: SNES Some of the best action, side-scrollers, puzzle games, shooting games and rpgs.
3: Playstation 1 some of the best rpgs + metal gear solid.
4: Playstation 2 more awesome rpgs + more metal gear solid.
5: Gameboy So much fun! I still take it with me places on occasion.

If 1 doesn’t count, I’ll add number 6 as Dreamcast. Lots of fun to be had for sure.

Favorite consoles

1. NES/Famicom
2. Playstation 2
4. Playstation 1
5. Nintendo 64

Favorite handhelds

1. Gameboy/Color
2. Nintendo DS
3. Gameboy Advance
4. Nintendo 3DS
5. PSP

Favorite computers

1. PC
2. Commodore 64
3. Amiga
4. MSX
5. Mac

Really, Protoman85? After all those reviews, no love for the Virtual Boy? 🙁

Here’s my list:

1. Virtual Boy
2. Atari Lynx
3. Nintendo
4. Super Nintendo
5. Nintendo 64

(I’m a retro fan and mostly Nintendo fanboy to the end)


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