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I was hovering over the menu and accidentally clicked the TravelMaster Southern Case link, and remembered back to when that popped up, so it kinda got my interest a little bit. I just wanted to add a little info that I dug up.

It appears that “Southern Case” is a company that makes plastic cases, and according to: http://www.videomaker.com/article/1553/ , they’ve made them for several camcorder makers, and sell to consumers under the Travelmaster brand. So, it’d seem to me that they made the cases for Blockbuster or Nintendo, and the one pictured in the article was a prototype using an existing case they had, with the custom VB cut foam… though I guess they could also have been selling them (unofficially w/ no VB logos). If you look, you can find Travelmaster cases for sale, which are similar in style (same sticker and style).

I couldn’t find a website or email address, but here’s what info I could find if you want to try contacting them:

Southern Case Inc
2728 Capital Blvd
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
United States
Phone: 919-821-0877

Also, that article talks about Ron Stringari being their consumer relations representative… a search of that name brings up lots of articles of a guy by the same name that was president of Atari’s Entertainment Division… dunno if that’s the same guy or just a coincidence that they’re both connected in some way to video games, but thought I’d post that too.


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