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Hello everyone, as you may have seen already, recently a bunch of icons were added to the latest update of Thunderstruck’s GUI (Hyperflasher ver In early December (ver the ability to convert image files was added to Thunderstruck’s GUI and I worked on creating icons for everybody to use pretty much for the rest of that month, so I’m glad to be releasing them now 🙂. Attached you can see which ones are included in the update, but there are also some which Thunder didn’t implement. Honestly he put in far more than I was expecting (all but 1 Mario Tennis, 2 VB Wario Land, the Bound High icons, and everything in the misc. folder), but all of them are included within the folder.

I also decided to release some of my long icons as well. Generally I like to work on things for a while, and shadow drop everything at the same time, once I’m pretty sure I’m well and truly done with them (as is the case with the regular icons), but I decided it would only make sense to release all the ones that have been alluded to, have already been seen, or are essentially expanded versions of regular icons I’ve made. As with the regular ones, a handful of these were included in the GUI, which you can see below, the new ones you can also see below, and all are accounted for within its respective folder.

Finally, at least in terms of new icons, we have some which I pillaged from a couple of Fwow’s long icons (with his permission), which I then made into regular icons (and one long one), with changes I deemed necessary or appropriate made along the way.

To finish off, while going through and preparing for release I noticed a couple discrepancies with a few of the icons I’d made, and I thought it’d be a good opportunity to impart one piece of advice for those looking to make icons, while also updating my own. These’ll need to be updated in the GUI, but honestly it’s not a huge deal (and thankfully it’s only a few that this applies to).

Anyway, onto the breakdown:
Essentially because of how the HF32 loads icons; if your background colour is black, then you don’t want to expose any of the (white) icon element along the right boarder, because the loading bar is always white until it loads an icon; meaning if you aren’t wary of this, the icon ends up blending with the bar, and this will be an issue (albeit a relatively small one) for the entire process of flashing the rom. This is also why generally icons with a white background work better, but it is slightly subjective as well. I’ve attached one last image showing the before & after.

If anybody has any questions about making icons, or anything else, I’d be glad to answer them. I intend to keep making icons at a slower pace (in particular, long icons), so I might also update this post periodically, but we’ll see. Thanks to Kevin & Thunderstruck for all your hard work, and @KR155E, if you want to add anything to the database feel free to do so (or contact me if you like).

Have fun everybody!

As always let me know if any issues arise, or if any inconsistencies are found, but I’ve been through enough iterations of this to where it *should* be fine.

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That’s a lot of icons to choose from for roms! Well done @TheRedMenace!

Cool stuff. I must have skipped some icons by accident.

Thanks guys :), and thanks @Fwow13 for letting me adapt some of your icons :3

Wow there’s so many cool icons here! Nice work!

Thanks V-SNES. Glad you like them 🙂.

I like them, great job!

nice! ^_^ love them

Okay I’ll stop saying thanks every few posts 😅 … but… thanks! Hope people get some use out of these :]

Just a small update – 1 new long icon. Not entirely sure how I’ll want to update these going forward, but for now I guess this’ll work.

It’s been a little while, but I’ve been working on compiling all my icons (including some new ones) to release on the HyperFlash page – across the four categories below. Currently there are 308 icons for you all to enjoy (a handful of which were created by Fwow13 or Mumphy), they can all be found under the downloads section of the HyperFlash 32 page, and the sets are as follows (forgive me for paraphrasing the page names a bit):

Homebrew icons:
A small set of 9 icons for homebew games by me. Definitely a lot of room to grow in the future… but I won’t commit to anything.

Fwow adapted icons:
A set of 18 icons adapted and tweaked from Fwow’s long icons by me, along with some of his “rejects”, and one icon from Mumphy. I wanted to include at least one image of a new icon, so I attached of the “rejects” that I ended up tweaking a bit. I think it turned out pretty nicely.

Miscellaneous icons:
A set of 55 assorted icons created by Fwow13, Mumphy, and myself

Licenced title icons:
A rather hefty set of 226 icons spanning every official game – from Jack bros. to Bound High!, and so on. All were created by me.


It’s been quite a bit of work to getting them here, but the bulk of it should be behind me now. Going forward I’ll probably notify of any updates and additions to the various folders on the PVB discord – however frequently/infrequently that ends up being. Have fun :). TRM.


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