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Hi Guys I thought w/ the Virtual Fall Competition I would release my third poem hope you like it….Enjoy

Twas the night before the competition and all through cyberspace,

Not a programmer was sleeping during this great race.

The queue was ready for the great works of art,
Everyone wanted to win the 20 carts.

The players were all nestled in their beds,
No way could they sleep they could only see black and red.

And Ma in her kerchief and I in my cap,
Had just settled down for a long VB chat.

I almost fell asleep because no one was there,
Just nodding half dreaming and then stop and stare.

But suddenly unknowingly the whole climate was new,
Unbeknownst to everyone else it was Miyamoto Shigeru.

Now Mario,Now Link, Now Samus and pit,
On Kirby, on Donkey, and the rest of the hits.

But what you have here is a whole different tale.
You’ve taken a dead system and made it well.

Then he gave me his email and quick as a flash,
We then shared a drop box filled w a stash.

Don’t worry Morintari there all there,
I looked it was Dragon Hopper, Zero Racers every Rom w care.

I got so excited I couldn’t wait to tell KR155E,
Then I woke up…Oh what did I miss.

But then I thought if we keep doing competitions where we have serious works of art,
Everyone works hard and does their part.

Then someday the no names will shine down on us.
And we’ll get the lost titles that are such a fuss.

Then I noticed my instant message for you,
Merry competition to all and to all from Shigaru.:vb:


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