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So what did you make/eat for dinner tonight?
Lets keep this one going. Recipes, awesome dishes, etc.

Tonight I’m making baked chicken with a Thai marinade.

Marinade Ingredients:

2 to 4 quarter chicken pieces (leg & thigh), OR 6-8 drumsticks (with skin)
pinch of salt
optional garnish: lemon slices and fresh coriander
3 Tbsp. prepared lemongrass (can be purchased frozen at Asian stores) OR 1+1/2 stalks fresh lemongrass, prepared
juice of 1 lemon
6 Tbsp. fish sauce (available by the bottle in Asian/Chinese food stores)
5-6 cloves garlic, minced
1-2 fresh red chili, minced, OR 1/3 to 1/2 Tbsp. dried crushed chili (add more or less to taste)
1/2 cup liquid honey
1 cup coconut milk

Please submit your own meal for the day πŸ™‚

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How about some Space Squash?! πŸ˜€

ok, I’m done joking!

on topic: I can’t eat many interesting things because I have a sore throat…

Dinner tonight is a secret gourmet recipe only mastered by few.

Cereal and raspberries! πŸ˜€

Let’s see…
shrimp sauteed in butter/garlic sauce, some rice, some peas, and and some fried bananas for dessert!

^Here’s a link to that exquisite dessert^

Here’s a bump on an old thread.

Lets all make or learn to make home-made hot sauce. (Think Tabasco, etc).

Buy or pick any peppers from your garden. Cut off the stems and discard. For about between every 6-12 ounces of peppers a clove of Garlic seems to make everyone happy (I could care less) so not really necessary. Possibly toss in a single clove of garlic for safe measure to please guests.
You may clean the peppers which is a huge task, or avoid so and have a nice drink instead while diddling around the kitchen. Removing seeds from the peppers does not make the hot sauce less or more hot. The chemical capsaicin (The chemical which makes peppers hot) is in the thin white internal veins of the pepper. Save the seeds if you want to plant them. If not, who cares and avoid the effort. Leaving the seeds in will not trouble anything at all or mess with taste but will only make the sauce less or more opaque depending on the amount of seeds. (Who cares about the color, really?)

Now to the sauce itself. You generally want to fill your pot with diced peppers or whole peppers minus the stems and just barely cover them in white vinegar. You could also do this in a separate bowl before dumping them in the pot. Whole peppers float so put you hand in there and push them down to get the best idea for the vinegar level added (I guess why many people dice them). Add a good dash (tbs+) of salt and boil on high for about 5 minutes.

Pour that sucker into the blender and mix right out of the boiling pot. If it is too thick, add a bit more vinegar and blend a few seconds more.

Pour your new hot sauce into a jar or whatever and store in the fridge. You can enjoy it immediately or wait for it to ferment in the fridge for one week for maximum potency.

Since there are no preservatives besides salt, your homemade hot sauce will be ideal for serving to all guests for about 2 months.

After two months toss it out if it hasn’t made it that long. There are methods to boil jars to keep it long, but why keep something you don’t like that much? Hopefully you can find some peppers YOU like, and a mix of garlic that meets your fancy. People get rich every day with a new hot sauce, so have fun and there’s a good chance we’ll all be sampling your sauce in the future with our family.

If you like hot sauce please run out tomorrow and buy *** type of pepper, virgin vinegar, and salt that you probably already have. You’d be shocked how few folks make hot sauce these days.

Hot sauce:
wish i had seen this a month or so back, i cropped a big pile of chilli’s, set them up to dry but when i checked they all had gone moldy and i had to chuck them, shame cos i had some ace hot Orange Habanero so a sauce from them would have been great, oh well have to get some seeds going again this year and give it another go, I just remembered i also have scotch bonnet seeds to go in this year.

VirtualJockey wrote:
If you like hot sauce please run out tomorrow and buy *** type of pepper, virgin vinegar, and salt that you probably already have. You’d be shocked how few folks make hot sauce these days.

I have done just that, apart from the chillis are from my 2012 crop. The sauce is good, I used Orange habanero chillis and they are really good and hot, so thanks VJ for the simple recipe, and yes folks it really is that simple, boil it then blend it.
One point though, we had to vacate our house leaving all the windows open for several hours as the smell is a bit over powering, to the point of not being able to breath, so maybe a small gas stove in the garden is the way to do it.


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