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One feature of the old site that has been missing since the relaunch in 2020 was user collections. It allowed users to keep track of their Virtual Boy collections and share photos of it. I had a working, but not quite satisfying, implementation in the new site, but I had to deactivate it prior to the relaunch to not delay that any further. Then, admittedly, lost sight of it.

Well… fast forward to 2023, I added the missing bits and pieces and now the feature is back. There’s a bunch of improvements over the old site’s version:

– Better presentation
– Better image upload
– Better integration with site (e.g. “Collect” button on game pages)
– Status per item (Incomplete, complete or sealed)
– Multiples
– Allow collecting of merchandise
– Allow collecting of unlicensed stuff like HyperFlash32 or “official” physical homebrew releases

You can check it out on your user profiles. Let me know if there’s any other things I could add. One thing I am planning to add in the future is, for example, various completion metrics, like percentage of US releases collected.

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Hey KR155, good work!Thank you for your help and work to the community!

Oh happy. 🙂

It is great. I only miss one thing and that is the completion percentage. Any chance you can get that back?

I appreciate that this feature has returned to the site.


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