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I thought that Blox is turning 20 yeas old this year that it would be cool to making a ROM that bundles both Blox games together& have it release on either June 10th (which is when version 1.0 of Blox 1 came out) or on October 16th (when version 1.1 of Blox 1 came out)

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Please Note: I have NO programming skills so I’m letting any person or team reference what is featured in these mockups.

P.S. To credit me add in a feature where if the Konami Code when entered on the title screen will cause the cursor to change from an arrow to the head of the Bug Kaijin from Insmouse No Yakata as seen in these last 2 mockups.

Would Love to see Blox 1 with the olny thing it lacks. Some Background music


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