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So I was recently watching G4TV’s X-Play and it was a Halloween themed episode in which they named the 10 scariest games of all time. There was a funny part where they had a guy strapped in a chair with a VB attached to his head, and a creepy voice said something to the extent of “If you remove the VB, it’ll explode, if you can play the VB for two hours, I’ll let you go.” So the guy started watching it and it was WarioLand. He starts off like “Oh, I don’t remember this” and then he starts whining, he says “can I least have the pinball game” and he then says, “ohh! its burning!” and he eventually dies afte his eyes have been ‘literally burned out of their sockets’… It was funny… Cruel to the VB, but funny.

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http://www.g4tv.com/xplay/index.html 😀
too bad that flash crap makes my computer die when i want to watch it. ~_~ can anyone find a download button? 😛

Flash kills my computer too… lol
Damn flash crap…


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