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Has anyone besides me noticed that Virtual Boy prices on eBay are rising? About a week ago I saw Red Alarm sell for around $66! Is this just me or has anyone else noticed this? I find it disappointing because I just bought a Virtual Boy and now I can’t afford many more games. πŸ™

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I saw that auction, and my first thought was, “Hahahaha, someone is completely retarded. Who would pay so much for such a common game.” However, other items have been steadily increasing since I first got my VB. I’m curious to see how much Virtual Lab sells for. There is one up on eBay.

…And here I know people b*tching about how the prices of (rare) games are dropping.

…Damn, should have gotten Water World and Jack Bros sooner… πŸ™

To me, it seems like prices are starting to level out… the rare games aren’t worth as much, but the games that used to be practically worthless are becoming worth more. I think it’s that there’s less of a cult crowd wanting a complete set and more players realizing that the system was pretty decent and looking to get some games to play.

It could cycle again though… people seeing how much common games are going for, so they sell them, which puts more common games out, dropping the prices on them again, but getting more people into the system. Then some of those people might really get into collecting, and try to get a complete set, which would drive the price of the rare games up again.

But… who knows… VB game prices seem to fluctuate a lot.


Well, I can say that prices of ultra rare games are still very high. Unfortunately, my objective of completing my collection has collapsed after I was ripped off at eBay recently by a UK user. He even sent me pictures of the games in front of the computer so that I trusted him, making everything “legal”. Now I know that he has the games and my money, and that he is not willing to send the games nor the money back to me. Of course, Spanish Police, UK Police and eBay are also aware of this, and he has been reported… No comments, but that I lost 865 UK Pounds… πŸ™

Man, thats pretty bad. What game was it?

Wow… that sucks… for that much money I think I’d pay the guy a visit… take my game and a few others for my trouble πŸ˜‰ .


The games were Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam. You can read about him here:


Albeit this article, everything seemed great and he seemed an honest person. He even sent me pictures of both games in front of the computer with an online news page (to check he really had the games), and since he said he just “lost interest” in the Virtual Boy, I thought he really wanted to get rid of the games. In fact, he had bought them from eBay previously, so I thought he would be honest… A pitty, since I already had problems with Virtual Bowling some years ago. It seems I’m “jinxed” with Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam, and of course, I’ve lost interest in ending my collection :-((((

Bummer. Some a-hole in NJ ripped me off with WarioLand on ebay one time. I eventually got the game from a different seller completely, but still, damn.


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